Why Choose CitruScrub?

27 Reasons Why CitruScrub Carpet Cleaning Is Your Best Choice In And Around Indianapolis

Not all carpet cleaning companies are equal.  In Indiana, there’s no license or certification required to clean carpet, so any guy with a mop and bucket can call himself a pro.  CitruScrub isn’t the biggest or lowest priced, but it is the best, and I can prove it. Here are 27 reasons why…

1. Citrus-based cleaning

I use citrus-based pretreatments for all carpet, upholstery, area rug and tile & grout cleaning.  It’s gentle, safe and easy on the environment. If you live in or around Indy, you must call CitruScrub if you want citrus-based cleaning.   My competitors have no clue what I’m using, how to use it or where to get it. If you want citrus-based cleaning, you need to call me, Ross, at 317-370-9075.

2. Your house won’t smell like chemicals

Most professional carpet cleaners use butyl-based pretreatments.  Not only is butyl harsh and dangerous (I dare you to google it), it smells awful.  Many folks report the odor lingers for days or weeks after cleaning, giving them headaches and suffocating them in their own homes.  CitruScrub Carpet Cleaning is different. My gentle, citrus-based pretreatment smells like fresh citrus fruit because it’s made from fresh citrus fruit.  It contains zero added fragrances.  The only reason you smell citrus is because that’s what it’s made from.  The odor is quite lovely and dissipates quickly.

3. Nerdy owner-operator

I AM CitruScrub.  I answer the phones, schedule every appointment and do all the work myself.  I’m nice, I don’t smoke, I smile and I keep myself and my equipment clean. When you call I’m not annoyed (I’m actually appreciative) and I don’t get irritated if you have questions that seem silly.  My wife thinks carpet cleaning is boring and she never lets me talk about it, so if you have questions, I’m dying to answer them. I’m also ridiculously experienced (from cleaning nothing but trashed rentals and apartments my first six years) and fanatical about details.  I care about you, your family, your pets and your surroundings, including the environment. If you have a concern about my work, I don’t take offense. I just fix it, because all I care about is making you happy. When you need me, there’s no gatekeeper. You have instant access to me via phone, text or email.  You won’t get any of these perks from the big chains or even a small, local company that has employees. Nothing beats an owner-operator. Especially an owner-operator who actually knows what he’s doing.

4. Reach me anytime

I answer the phone seven days a week and practically 24 hours a day.  If you’re under a time crunch, have an emergency or just want to chat, don’t hesitate to contact me, even if it’s after hours.  Your call, text or email doesn’t go to some clueless receptionist or distant answering service. It goes directly to my personal cell phone.  If you text me on a Sunday night, I text you back on a Sunday night. Even if there’s a Colts game on. And you know what? I LIKE it.

5. One-hour arrival window

Nothing is worse than waiting around all day for some service person to show up.  I’ll give you a one-hour arrival window, and I’m almost always on the early side. If I tell you noon to 1:00, I’ll probably be there at noon.  And I’m happy to give you a call or text on the way. How is this possible? Because I’ve been doing my own scheduling since I started this business in 2004.  I don’t use fancy scheduling software that doesn’t understand how long your job is going to take or how traffic backs up on Olio Road when school lets out.  I use my noggin, common sense and knowledge of the city to give you a reasonable arrival window.

6. Never, ever late

Big claim, isn’t it?  But I stand by it. I’m never late—NEVER!  No, you don’t get it… I’m never, EVER late.

7. Everything is included

Whatever your job needs is what your job gets.  If it needs deep cleaned, I deep clean it and it doesn’t cost extra.  If your carpet has some pet damage, I treat it, no extra charge. If your smelly teenager’s bedroom needs deodorized, I deodorize it, no extra charge.  Why? Because everything is included in my service. You didn’t call me to get your job halfway done. You called to get it all the way done, and that’s what I’m going to do.  On rare occasions, I might charge a little extra for severe pet damage or red food dye stains (the product that removes red food dye is expensive). But this hardly ever happens, and I would clear it with you first.  It’s happened less than 10 times since I started this business in 2004.

8. I move furniture

I constantly hear my peers say, “I’m a carpet cleaner, not a furniture mover.”  They hate moving furniture and resent that you ask them to do it. I, however, don’t mind.  I consider it part of the job. In fact, it drives me crazy when you don’t want the sofa moved because I know how many food crumbs and dust bunnies are under there.  Granted, I don’t move big stuff like beds and dressers, but I’m happy to move sofas, loveseats, recliners, coffee tables and other common sense items. And no, I don’t charge extra for it.

9. I don’t want you to be satisfied

Yep, you read that correctly.  I most certainly do not want you to be satisfied.  Instead, I want you to be blown away. I want to impress you with incredible service and impeccable, long-lasting results.  I want you to never, ever forget about CitruScrub Carpet Cleaning. Would you remember a dinner, vacation, concert or anything else that was merely “satisfactory”?  Of course not. But you’d remember those things if they made an amazing impression and you were absolutely blown away. That’s what I aim to do for every customer, and it’s why I have the industry’s only Satisfaction Stinks Guarantee. 

10. Clean/sanitized equipment

Most pros do not clean their equipment in between jobs.  That means the last customer’s dog poo or cat pee might get dragged into your house.  I’ve been in the industry since 1998, I know hundreds of professional cleaners and I know for a fact most of them don’t clean their equipment after jobs—even gross, smelly jobs.  Trust me, you would not want them coming to your home next. In contrast, my van, tools and equipment are absolutely spotless because I rinse and sanitize them with 200° water after every job.  You can watch me do it out in your driveway. You’re also welcome to come inspect my van inside and out, along with the items I carry into your property. You won’t find a spot because everything I use is impeccable and polished to perfection at all times.  Ask my competitors if you can take a peak in their vans and watch their faces turn red with embarrassment.

11. Newest, best equipment

Every few years I junk my tools and equipment and buy all new.  Why? Because you deserve the newest and best. And I don’t buy the cheap stuff.  I purchase Butler System truckmounted carpet cleaning machines. If you get bored enough, google them and read about their legendary reputation.  There are only a few Butlers in the city, and I own one of them. I also purchase top-shelf, boutique pretreatments and cleaning agents. And all of my cleaning attachments and hand tools are top of the line.  This means you get better results because my water is hotter, my vacuum suction is more powerful, my tools and equipment are newer and better and I actually take pride in my stuff. If you want the best, you found it.

12. Softened water

My van creates soft water on the fly, so everything I touch is cleaned with soft water.   Soft water cleans better than hard water, which means I’m able to use less pretreatment. Less pretreatment means your carpet doesn’t get as wet.  Carpet that doesn’t get as wet dries faster. Which means the simple fact of my van having an onboard water softener means you get cleaner, faster drying carpet.

13. Bragging rights

I have the best, cleanest equipment and the most gorgeous carpet cleaning van in the state.  When your neighbors see it parked in your driveway, they’ll know you demand top quality. Many of my competitors drive old rust buckets you’d be embarrassed to have parked at your home.  But you never have to worry about that when you call CitruScrub. When my van is at your house, you get instant bragging rights.

14. Fast availability

You don’t have to wait weeks to get an appointment.  Usually, I can get to emergencies the same day and normal jobs within 3-5 days.  Sometimes I get backed up around the holidays, but for the most part, I’m ready whenever you are.

15. Fast quotes

I’ve been doing this for so long and I know homes in and around Indy so well, I can get you an eerily accurate quote over the phone.  All I need is a description of what you’d like to have cleaned and I can get you a quote in a few seconds. If you like the ballpark quote, we can make an appointment.  If you don’t like it, you can tell me to pound sand. Either way, you’ll know what I’d charge for your job without games or runaround.

16. Fast work

For a solo operator, I work fast.  Which is nice for you, because I won’t be in your home or business for days on end, even if you have a large job.  I don’t rush, by any means, but as a grizzled industry veteran I know how to get the job done. You won’t find me texting, talking on the phone or wasting time on multiple smoke breaks (since I don’t smoke and never have).  You’ll find my nose to the grindstone and efficiently getting the job done right.

17. Not the cheapest

Yes, I charge more than the discount guys, but there’s a reason you’re looking at my website and not theirs.  You sense that CitruScrub is the best, safest option. However, my industry has trained most folks to focus on price rather than value, and there’s a big difference.  The business of carpet cleaning has slim profit margins. Since there’s not a lot of wiggle room, the cheap, discount services make up for their rock-bottom prices with aggressive upsell techniques, and you usually end up paying them what you would have paid me in the first place.  If you don’t buy their “upgrades”, they’ll do the quickest, lousiest job possible and move on to the next victim. So yes, you pay a low price, but there’s absolutely no value because you get poor results. You may as well spare yourself the heartache and shenanigans by calling me. I’m not the cheapest, but I’m the best.  I realize that’s a big claim, but I have the reviews, experience and equipment to back it up.

18. Pricing transparency

No tricks or games.  Here you go:

Minimum charge:  $150
Carpet cleaning: $.45 per sqft
Stairway:  $100
Carpet protector:  Half the price of the cleaning
Upholstery cleaning:  $15 per linear foot
Area rug cleaning:  $.50 per sqft on site, $2.00 per sqft off site with $50 delivery fee
Tile and grout cleaning:  $1.00 per sqft
Grout sealing:  $.50 per sqft
Deodorizing, deep cleaning, topical pet treatment, stain removal, pretreatment, 6-month warranty, my expertise and my fanatical attention to detail:  Free

Before starting work, I’ll measure the areas you want cleaned and give you an exact price based on the rates listed above.  Once we agree on the price, it’s locked in. I won’t try to charge more for any reason, even if your job takes longer than expected.  I measure rooms wall-to-wall. Some people ask, “Why are you measuring the whole room? It’s full of furniture and you can only get to about half of the carpet.”  I measure the whole room because it takes a lot of time to detail around the legs and bases of all that furniture. Believe it or not, it takes longer to clean a furnished room than an empty room.  Which leads other people to ask, “Why are you measuring wall-to-wall and charging full price? This room is completely empty. Didn’t you say empty rooms are easier to clean?” Yes, I did, but there’s more square footage in an empty room, which means I have to clean more carpet.  In either scenario, my pricing is the fairest way for both of us to get a good deal. I’m completely transparent about it and there are never hidden or surprise charges.

19. No upsells

Everything is included in all of my services, meaning I have nothing extra to sell.  Carpet protector and grout sealing are available as separate services, but whether or not you want them is completely up to you.  Many companies charge extra for things like pretreatment, deodorizer and deep cleaning, but all of that is included for free when you choose CitruScrub.  You never need to worry about pushy sales pitches or being intimidated into spending more money. Plus, I’m the only employee and I’m SUPER nice.

20. Free ongoing support

Everything I clean is covered by my Standard Six-Month Warranty (which you can extend to an incredible 12-months when you purchase Stain Guardian Ultra).  If something doesn’t look right, and even if you spill something or track something in, I’ll come back to fix it for free, no questions asked.

21. Over-Insured

It’s true that most carpet cleaners are insured.  However, they probably have basic commercial liability insurance, which doesn’t cover damage to something they’re actually working on.  For instance, if they accidentally ram their van into your garage door, insurance will cover the damage. But if they destroy your carpet in the process of cleaning it, insurance will not cover it.  For that reason and to make sure you are protected as much as possible, I’ve added special riders to my policy that cover any damage I cause for any reason. I’ve never needed it, but it’s nice to know it’s there.

22. I protect your property

I use corner guards, hose hooks, furniture slides and clean, new towels to protect your property.  I won’t bore you with the details, but I guarantee the only way you’ll know I was in your home will be the impeccably cleaned carpet.  You won’t find a molecule of damage to your woodwork, doors, walls, floors or anything else.

23. Can handle any sized job from one room to a high-rise office building

For some reason, folks occasionally think I won’t want their job because it’s small.  False! I’m happy to do anything you need me to do, no matter the size. If your job doesn’t meet my minimum charge, we’ll find some way to get your money’s worth.  And if you have a large job, I can handle that, too. Residential or commercial, I’ve got an army of helpers on standby.

24. Specialist, not a jack of all trades

A lot of guys clean carpet as a side gig.  It’s not uncommon to see a pressure washing company, property manager or even a landscaper advertise carpet cleaning services.  But you deserve more than a jack-of-all-trades. This business is my fulltime job. It’s all I do, and I’ve been in the industry since September of 1998.   There is no stain, dirty traffic lane or filthy sofa I don’t know how to treat. You won’t find this level of knowledge and experience from some landscaper who fancies himself a carpet cleaner.

25. Top-reviewed

Google, Facebook and Angie’s List are full of embarrassingly gushing reviews about me and my services.  I have perfect 5-star, A+ ratings across all platforms spanning back to 2004 when I started my business.  I’m not just some guy who shows up to clean your carpet.  I’m a connoisseur, and the only thing I care about is making you happy. With such an approach to business, it’s hard not to have good reviews.  Read some of them here.

26. Local

I was born in Indianapolis, raised in Noblesville and currently reside on Indy’s south side.  My little business pumps tax dollars, wages and revenue into the local economy. It also supports my stay-at-home wife and two kids.  It is an honor to work for you because you are literally supporting me and my family. The best way for me to show my thanks is to give you my best effort on every job.  I doubt you’ll find this level of commitment from any of my competitors.

27. DIY tips

Even if you don’t hire me, I still like you.  In fact, this site is full of DIY videos and articles you can reference at any time.  I’m sure I lose some business by giving away free tips and secrets, but I’m happy to do it because carpet cleaning is a luxury not everybody can afford.  If I can help you or someone else save a few bucks by removing a stain on your own, I’m just as pleased as if you’d hired me.

There you have it—27 reasons to hire CitruScrub Carpet Cleaning.  If you’re convinced I’ll give you the best, safest cleaning in or around Indy, then call or text me, Ross, to make an appointment at 317-370-9075. I answer my phone seven days a week and practically 24 hours a day, so don’t hesitate to call. I look forward to hearing from you!

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