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Live in Carmel and want safe, natural, green carpet cleaning?  Give CitruScrub a try!

Hi I’m Ross, the founder and owner of CitruScrub Carpet Cleaning.  Ever since I started this business in 2004, most of my residential work has come from Carmel.  I owe the city a lot!  CitruScrub has thrived for nearly 20 years specifically because of the business gained from Carmel residents.  You’ve supported my business, provided for my family and allowed my wife to quit her job, volunteer and be a stay-at-home mom.  Sincerely, I thank you.

Even though Carmel used to smear my high school (Hamilton Southeastern) in basketball sectionals, it holds a special place in my heart.  I spent a lot of time in Carmel as a kid.  Growing up in Noblesville, we didn’t have an indoor theater.  Often, my parents would drive to the old strip mall near 116th Street and Keystone so we could watch movies.  Remember that little theater?  I also spent many hours helping my mom fill water bottles at Flowing Well Park.  And don’t get me started on the blisters I used to get from rental skates at the Ice Skadium.

The point is, I feel a debt of gratitude for Carmel and it’s residents, which means I go above and beyond for my customers who live there.  If you’re looking for safe, natural, green carpet cleaning from an owner-operator who actually cares, you need to call me, Ross.  You’ll get fast, friendly service, my fanatical attention to detail, long-lasting results, tons of freebies and a six-month warranty.  But most important, you’ll get my safe, natural, completely harmless cleaning process.

If that sounds good to you, call or text any time.  You can reach me at 317-370-9075.  If you prefer email, fill out the contact form below.

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