All Of My Best How-To Secrets, Gloriously Indexed For You In One Convenient Location

Desperate for pro-level carpet cleaning information?  You’re in the right place, amigo.  I’ve written and filmed volumes of how-to material to slake your insatiable thirst for knowledge.  Then, in my benevolence, I indexed it all on this page for your convenience. 

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Section 1:  How To Remove Carpet Spots, Stains And Odors


Section 2:  How To Care For Your Carpet


Section 3:  How To Hire The Right Carpet Cleaning Company


How To Remove Any Carpet Spot

What's In A Carpet Cleaning Van?

Restoring A Carpet Covered In Cat Puke

How To Keep A Carpet Cleaning Van From Burning Grass

How To Remove Gum From Carpet GUARANTEED

How To Remove Rust Stains From Carpet

Why Does Carpet Take So Long To Dry After Cleaning?

What Is Deep Carpet Cleaning And Should It Cost Extra?

What Filth Is Your Carpet Cleaner Bringing Into Your Home?

Secrets Of Carpet Cleaning Prespray - Two Common, Critical Errors That MUST Be Avoided!

Why I Don't Sell My Carpet Cleaning Product

The Most Important Tool On A Carpet Cleaning Van... And No, It's Not Me!

Sucking Up Rocks, Lug Nuts & Zip Ties With A $100k Carpet Cleaning Rig

Angry Man Needs Carpet Cleaned - Funny Voicemail

10 Things I LOVE About My Butler

10 Things I HATE About My Butler

Install A REAL Water Softener In A Carpet Cleaning Van... For Cheap!

How To Convert A Manual Vac Hose Reel To ELECTRIC!

In Defense Of The Butler Carpet Cleaning Wand

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