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Without Protector, Your Carpet Is Only “Half Cleaned”

As you walk on your carpet, tiny bits of soil are ground into the fibers, wearing them away to nubs.  It’s like taking sandpaper to your carpet.

That’s why you end up with worn-out traffic lanes, which is an unavoidable problem.  You’re not doing anything wrong; it’s just the way things are.

Fortunately, there are ways to protect your carpet and mitigate the damage.  Image a single carpet fiber.  Up close, it looks like a strand of twisted yarn.  When it’s new, that fiber stands up straight and it’s full and fluffy.  Over time, it gets limp and falls over because it’s constantly crushed as you walk around.

The fiber also gets scratched by tiny bits of soil.  Eventually, those scratches add up and the fiber loses its sheen.  You end up with a crushed, dull fiber.

Now multiply that concept to an entire room of carpet—especially the heavy traffic lanes, which endure constant foot traffic.  Over time, each individual fiber becomes limp, deflated and scratched.  As a result, the entire carpet looks dull and worn.

What if there was some way to rejuvenate those fibers and make them stand tall again?  What if there was some way to fill those scratches and restore some of the original sheen?

Actually, there is a way to rejuvenate each individual fiber, plumping them back up and smoothing over those scratches.  It’s called carpet protector.

Scotchgard is an example of a well-known carpet protector.  But just because it’s well-known doesn’t mean it’s the best.  Here’s why…

I’ve been in this game for nearly 20 years.  I know a thing or two about carpet AND carpet protector.  Thanks to my seasoned and illustrious career, I’ve been able to test dozens of different protectors.  Based on my experience, I know for a fact the best carpet protector is actually made by a little-known “boutique” chemistry shop in California.

They make a product called Stain Guardian Ultra that is, by far, the best carpet protector I’ve ever used.  There are many brands available and I’ve tested them all, but nothing comes close to the performance and protection of Stain Guardian Ultra.  Here are seven reasons you should consider Stain Guardian Ultra the next time you have carpet or upholstery cleaned…

1. Restores Sheen and Luster

Stain Guardian Ultra penetrates better than all other brands I’ve tested.  It soaks into each individual carpet fiber, filling the tiny scratches that make carpet look dull and dingy, and then it dries.  Once dry, the scratches are smoothed and the fibers look more like they did when they were new.  As a result, the carpet looks brighter and more vibrant.

2. Restores Volume

Again, thanks to Stain Guardian Ultra’s superior penetrating action (based on my testing and experience), it better soaks into each carpet fiber, causing them to swell with volume.  As it dries, it locks the fibers into this position.  The carpet is then full and fluffy, more like when it was new.

3. Repels Dirt

The unique formula of Stain Guardian Ultra coats each carpet fiber with an invisible barrier that dirt can’t stick to.  Your vacuum will recover far more dirt than ever before, including sticky biological contaminants that vacuums normally can’t remove.  Over the course of more than 20 years, I have yet to find a brand that lasts longer or better repels dirt and soil.

4. Extends Carpet Life

The drastic reduction of dirt particles means less wear.  Without tiny particles of dirt in your carpet, there’s less to grind away at the fibers.  As a result, your carpet will last longer. Since other brands don’t last as long or repel dirt as well as Stain Guardian Ultra, they don’t extend carpet life as effectively.

5. Provides Incredible Stain Resistance

Stain Guardian Ultra acts like non-stick coating on a pan.  Spots and stains can’t stick to your carpet, so you’ll be able to clean them with ease.  Liquids will literally bead-up on the surface instead of immediately penetrating and staining the fibers, granting you precious time to clean up spills and accidents.

6. Preserves Cleaning Results

Since protected carpet releases dirt, repels stains and resists wear, your carpet will stay clean much longer than unprotected carpet.  I’ve tested all of the top protector brands, and I’ve found that nothing lasts longer than Stain Guardian Ultra.  It’s the best way to get your money’s worth after paying for carpet and upholstery cleaning, because the results can last months or years longer than normal.

7. Extends Standard Six-month Warranty to Comprehensive 12-month warranty

Everything I clean is covered by a standard six-month warranty.  However, when you choose Stain Guardian Ultra, I extend that warranty to a full year.  It also covers things the standard warranty doesn’t include like pet accidents. See my warranty page for more details.

How it works

When you choose Stain Guardian Ultra, simply let me know and I’ll take care of the rest.  After cleaning your carpet (or upholstery) with my citrus-based process, I’ll I use a special sprayer to apply a generous coat of Stain Guardian Ultra.  Next, I’ll groom the carpet with a special tool to ensure an even spread. Once dry, you’ll have beautiful, protected carpet that stays cleaner, longer.

I often say without Stain Guardian Ultra, your carpet has only been half-cleaned.  After all, while unprotected carpet wears-out faster, resoils quicker and looks matted and dingy, carpet protected with Stain Guardian Ultra lasts longer, stays cleaner and looks newer.  It simply doesn’t make sense to spend money on carpet cleaning without taking steps to keep it clean.

Problems to avoid

Obviously, I highly recommend Stain Guardian Ultra and know you’re going to love it.  However, there are things to look out for. Unfortunately, protector is a notorious way for unscrupulous carpet cleaners to scam customers.  Here are three common problems to look for and how to avoid them…

Problem 1:  Incorrect mixing – All brands of carpet protector, including Stain Guardian Ultra, are sold as a liquid concentrate that must be mixed with water before use.  But who’s to say your cleaning guy won’t cheat you by adding too much water and not enough protector?  How would you know the difference? I hate to say it, but this is a common scam.

Solution – Choose someone you trust, then be nosy.  For example, I mix a fresh batch of Stain Guardian Ultra for each application, which you are welcome to watch.  In fact, I’d love for you to examine the label, read the directions and observe as I mix the product with water.  You’ll see proper measuring and mixing, unlike many of my competitors who “eyeball” their mixtures and purposely over-dilute with water.

Problem 2:  Poor application – Protector must be applied just right—not too much, not too little.  If too much is applied, your carpet will feel sticky and crunchy.  If too little is applied, the protector won’t perform as well.  Proper application is more art than science.  It isn’t learned overnight and it takes time to master.  With that in mind, who would you trust? Me, an owner-operator with more than 20 years of experience? Or some employee who’s been with a company for two weeks?

Solution – Choose someone with rich experience.  This industry is plagued by high turnover. Few professional cleaners stick around long enough to truly learn the ropes.  Instead of calling a big company that churns through undertrained technicians, call me and get the job done right. After 20 years, I know what I’m doing.  Trust is definitely a factor, here. Like I said, proper application is more art than science. Hopefully, I’ve given you enough information on this website to trust that I know how to give you the best results.

Problem 3:  Straight-up cheaters – There are plenty of cheap, generic carpet protectors that simply don’t work.  It would be very easy for an unscrupulous cleaner to pour “Brand X” protector into a Scotchgard container and claim you’re getting the genuine article.  How would you know the difference?  In fact, how can you be sure he’s even using protector? Maybe he’s just spraying water on your carpet.

Solution – Again, choose someone you trust, then observe and use your nose—literally.  When you call me, you can watch me mix a fresh batch of Stain Guardian Ultra right from the original container. I guarantee the bottle will look new and clean, which is a hint it hasn’t been rolling around for years in the back of my van, getting re-filled with generic protector when it’s empty.  Also, most protectors have a slight fragrance. If you can’t smell it as it’s being applied, your technician might have only water in his sprayer. Sad, but true. Obviously, I would never do that because not only is it wrong, I own this business and my reputation is on the line.

I have 20 years of experience and thousands of local customers who will vouch for me.  I didn’t get perfect five-star ratings on Google, Facebook and Angie’s List by mistreating customers and ripping people off.

What’s next?

Now that you understand the importance of protector, the superiority of Stain Guardian Ultra and how to avoid common problems, your next step should be to contact me.  Schedule a cleaning appointment and you’ll get my safe, citrus-based process and all the freebies like shoe covers, stain removal, deep cleaning, pet treatment, speed drying, a six-month warranty and more.

Then, ask for Stain Guardian Ultra for the ultimate in protection and to extend your warranty to a full year.  It would be a shame to get perfect carpet only to leave it unprotected. Granted, Stain Guardian Ultra does cost a little extra, but it will preserve the investment you made to get your carpet cleaned.

If that sounds good to you and you live in Indianapolis, Carmel, Noblesville, Westfield, Zionsville, Greenwood or anywhere else in the Indy metro area, I’m here to help.

Call or text me, Ross, at 317-370-9075 or send an email so I can get you fixed up.


Does Stain Guardian Ultra really work?

Yes.  I use it on my own carpet and even treat my snowboarding pants with it because it repels liquid.  I stay bone dry on the slopes all day. Granted, it’s not a miracle product. But it does give you plenty of time to grab a towel if something spills on the carpet.  You won’t believe how it repels spills and accidents. It really is remarkable.

Is it safe?

Yes, Stain Guardian Ultra is perfectly harmless.  It’s not plant-based like most of the other products I use, but it’s still safe for people, pets and the environment.

How long does it last?

The manufacturer intends for Stain Guardian Ultra to last at least 12 months.  If you’re easy on your carpet, it can last much longer. Vacuum regularly, prevent sun damage by keeping blinds and curtains closed, and try to prevent spills and pet accidents.  Most food and drinks are acidic, as is urine. Acids degrade protector over time. Take care of the protector and it will take care of you.

How much does it cost?

Half the cost of cleaning.  If you spend $200 on cleaning, it’ll cost $100 to treat those same areas with Stain Guardian Ultra.  The real question is, what will it cost if you don’t get Stain Guardian Ultra?

Does it affect dry time?

Yes, it adds a few minutes to the dry time of your carpet because we’re adding an extra step with more moisture.  However, most folks never notice the extra dry time.

We don’t have kids or pets.  Should we still get Stain Guardian Ultra?

Yes.  Your carpet comes from the factory with protector, but it eventually wears off.  The carpet manufacturers intend for their products to be protected, so I recommend doing what they say.

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Ross is very professional and careful to make sure our carpets look great. Without a doubt the best services we’ve used. We won’t use anyone else.

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Ross did a fantastic job cleaning the carpets in our “for sale” property after a water leak. He came back until I was 100% satisfied like promised and the carpets looked and smelled incredible! We are already planning on having him out again to our new home!

-Megan Priest

Excellent service and very professional. I like how Ross is very detailed and makes sure every corner and inch of the carpet is well cleaned. Thank you!!

-Mike M

Ross does a fantastic job. He returns phone calls promptly and always lets you know when he is on the way. He is very good with removing spots on carpeting and will come back free of charge to retreat if the spot comes back.

-LuAnn Powers

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