Free Six-Month Warranty With Unlimited Spot Cleaning

Ross Trittipo, Owner

Hi, I'm Ross, the owner of CitruScrub.  Everything I clean is covered by an unbelievable six-month warranty which I'll give to you in writing after I complete your job.  If spots or stains come back, I come back.  If you spill a cup of coffee or drop a plate of spaghetti, I come back.  No questions asked. 

Folks often wonder how I can afford to give away unlimited spot cleaning for six months.  It even baffles my competitors.  They want to know how I stay in business when I give free cleaning to thousands of customers.

The truth is, less than one percent of my customers need to use their warranty.  Why?  First, my gentle orange-based cleaning won't chemically burn your carpet, destroying its ability to resist stains and wear.

That means your carpet stays cleaner longer, so I'm simply not needed unless there's an emergency. 

And second, I think you'd agree an owner/operator does a better job some than disinterested employee who is more concerned about his lunch break than your carpet.  The truth is, I'm more skilled and I actually care about your carpet, which means there are less problems later.

What's Covered?

My incredible free warranty covers everything I clean for six full months.  If you spill, drop or track something on your carpet, I'll take care of it for free with no questions asked.

The warranty is only for residential customers who live in the home where work was originally performed. It may only be used in the home where work was originally performed. It does not apply to commercial or rental properties.

The warranty covers individual and unambiguous spots and stains of a normal household nature. Extraordinary events or occurrences such as (but not limited to) spilled paint or nail polish, pet accidents, wicking, cellulosic browning and spots or stains deemed permanent or permanently reoccurring are not covered.

I reserve the right to have the final say on whether or not any spot or stain qualifies. I will only attempt to remove spots or stains with normal cleaning and stain removal techniques. It is possible I won’t be successful. If a spot or stain can only be removed with a structural change to the carpet such as a patch, the warranty will not apply.

What Should You Do Next?

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