1. How Much Do You Charge?

I charge more than the competition and less than it would cost to buy new carpet.  Remember, I have the only 100% nontoxic, orange-based cleaning system in Indy.

2. What Do We Need To Do Before You Arrive?

It’s helpful if you move small items out of the way like dining room chairs, floor lamps, potted plants and wastebaskets, etc.  Upon request, I’m happy to move medium sized furniture like coffee tables and recliners.  I do not move large pieces like beds and dressers.  You can move them if you want, but it must be done before I arrive.

If there is visible pet hair or other debris on your carpet, it’s helpful if you vacuum first.

It’s also a good idea to secure pets.  I’ll need a door cracked open so I can run hoses inside.  I don’t want a cherished family pet escaping.

Additionally, my equipment makes noise many pets seem to hate.  Even sweet, friendly dogs may turn into vicious killers when I fire up my equipment.  For their protection and mine, please make sure pets are in a safe area away from where I’m working.

3. How Long Is The Carpet Wet And When Can We Walk On It?

After cleaning, it usually takes around eight hours for most carpets to dry.  I’ll give you waterproof shoe covers so you can walk on it immediately.  It won’t hurt a thing.

But don’t replace furniture until you’re positive the carpet is bone dry.  I recommend waiting overnight if possible.

4. Does Somebody Have To Be Here?

No, you don’t necessarily need to be present while I’m working.  I just need three things…

First, I need a way to enter your home or business.

Second, I need to be payed because I don’t invoice.  I collect as soon as the work is done.  If you can’t be there, we’ll figure something out.

Third, I need to know exactly what you want cleaned.  You can tell me beforehand or leave a detailed note where I can find it.

As long as those needs are met, we’re good to go.

5. Can You Remove Stains?

HA!  Don’t make me laugh.  Of course I remove stains.  I pretreat everything I clean, which easily takes care of most spots.

If I encounter stains that don’t respond to cleaning, then I treat them with various spotting agents and stain removers.  And no, I don’t charge extra.

Between my pretreatment and stain removal techniques, there are very few stains I can’t remove.

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