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Cleaning upholstery is a lot like laundering clothes.  The fabric is first pretreated, and then it’s rinsed with clean water.

The problem is, most upholstery pretreatments contain harsh chemicals that cause skin, eye and respiratory irritation.  Most pros spray these chemicals all over your furniture without getting your permission or explaining what they’re doing, and then they expect you to sit on the furniture after they’re done.  Many customers report skin rashes, watery eyes, headaches and respiratory problems after professional upholstery cleaning, all thanks to the harsh chemicals that were used.

Why accept that when there’s a safer choice?  Personally, I think it’s wrong to use dangerous chemicals on furniture that my customers sit and relax on.  That’s why I use a completely harmless, citrus-based pretreatment that’s made from natural products like d-limonene and food-grade enzymes.

It’s tough on dirt and grime but gentle on skin, eyes and lungs.  In fact, it contains only six ingredients that are all naturally-derived.

When I’m done cleaning your furniture, you never have to worry about what chemicals might still be lurking in the upholstery.  It will be clean, safe and ready for you to enjoy.

And don’t forget, the citrus extract in my pretreatment is a fantastic natural deodorizer.  That means your furniture will smell just as good as it looks… all without the use of obnoxious perfumes or fragrances.

The Vital And Irreplaceable Importance Of Experience

The average professional cleaning technician has less than one year of experience, which can lead to a host of problems.  In contrast, I have 20 years of experience and perform all the work myself. You can expect incredible attention to detail and impeccable results.

How, exactly, does my experience give you better results?  Consider one example… Although hand tools for upholstery cleaning are relatively small, they are still cumbersome and don’t always behave on the tight corners and curves found on many pieces of furniture.  Take, for instance, the narrow edges on the wings of a wing chair. The wide head of an upholstery tool simply doesn’t match up with that narrow edge. So it takes skill and experience to make sure the tool is actually interfacing with the upholstery properly and cleaning the way it’s supposed to.

After thousands of pieces cleaned, not only do I have the experience necessary, I clean every stitch of fabric I can get to, which I can’t say for my competitors.  Imagine a sofa, for example. I remove every cushion and pillow and clean all sides. Then, I clean the base including the arms, back, sides and everything else I can get to.  The ENTIRE sofa gets cleaned top to bottom.

It’s sad I have to make this distinction because time and time again I’ve seen undertrained technicians skip vital places like the back of the frame or edges of a cushion.  Or they won’t clean the pillows because they’re supposedly “not part of the sofa”. I’m not sure if it’s laziness or lack of training, but I’d hate for you to experience such lousy cleaning.

When you call me, you don’t just get safe, citrus-based cleaning, you also get my fanatical attention to detail and rich experience.  I guarantee you’ll notice the difference.

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If you’d like fresh, clean upholstery that looks and smells great, contact me today to schedule an appointment.

I service Indianapolis, Carmel, Noblesville, Westfield, Zionsville, Greenwood and everywhere else in the Indy metro area.  Call or text me, Ross, at 317-370-9075 or email and I’ll respond fast!

Remember, I will not leave dangerous chemicals in your furniture for you to sit on later.  My citrus-based pretreatment is completely harmless, it works great and no one else has it.


What kind of furniture do you clean?

Sofas, sectionals, recliners, chairs, ottomans, futons, outdoor cushions, Lovesacs, fabric-covered headboards and any other type of upholstered furniture.

Do you clean car interiors?

It’s not my favorite.

How long does it take to dry?  How soon can we sit on it?

My upholstery cleaning tool uses low moisture, so most pieces dry within two or three hours, especially with good air movement from a floor or ceiling fan.

My pet peed on a cushion.  Can you fix it?

I can clean all the fabric we can possibly get to, including inside cushion covers if you want to remove them and turn them inside out.  But if urine penetrates into the cushioning or down, there’s not much I can do… other than some experimental methods.  Call me for more info.

What Thrilled Customers Say

Absolutely the Best . Ross is very professional and starts out talking with you about what exactly you want on each piece. Upholstery and rugs. After understanding your needs, then gives you a quote for each piece and a total. Besides being professional, he does a awesome job. Had stains in bedroom that S.Steamer clean a few years ago and did not come out. Ross got them out !!!! Absolute miracle worker. Wonderful job on our upholstery too. His arrival time estimate was 9 to 930..he was spot on sharp at 9. He by far is the best I have ever used. He even offered to come back if the stains bled thru….THEY HAVENT ROSS !! GREAT JOB and THANK YOU. Look over his website…..great information.

-James Heiliger

Ross was awesome. Customer service was terrific. He kept me updated on his schedule and arrived exactly when he said he would. Extremely conscientious, he used pylon like barriers that kept his hoses from rubbing along the wood moulding. He cleaned two rugs, two chairs, a couch and the tile in our bathroom. Ross worked efficiently and the quality of the cleaning was top. I highly recommend Ross and CitruScrub.

-Dave Holder

Ross does a thorough and fantastic job of cleaning carpets and furniture! Our 20 year old carpets look and smell fabulous as do our very much lived in recliners. Thanks Ross!!

-Jenny Dant (Facebook)

My carpet & couch were completely soiled and stained from 3 young kids constantly spilling everything. After Ross cleaned today, it looks brand new. I can’t find a single trace of a stain! I’m very happy; and I highly recommend!!

-Elizabeth Hinds (Facebook)

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Happily serving Indianapolis, Carmel, Noblesville, Westfield, Zionsville, Greenwood and the rest of the greater metro area.

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