There Are 297 Carpet Cleaners In Indy… Only ONE Uses This Harmless Cleaning Agent Made From Oranges

  • 100% Nontoxic
  • Tough Enough To Degrease Engines, But Safe For Kids And Pets
  • Food-Grade Enzymes Literally Digest Stains
  • Built-in Odor-Killing Power Of Oranges
  • Meticulous, Over-The-Top Cleaning With Tons Of Freebies


Embarrassed By Dirty, Worn Or Smelly Carpet?

If you avoid certain areas of your home or refuse to entertain guests because of dirty carpet, I have an amazing solution for you.  I’d like to tell you about a safe, effective way to transform your carpet, making it soft, fluffy and dazzlingly clean.

Most professional carpet cleaners use butyl-based presprays.  The problem is, butyl is a dangerous chemical that is harmful to humans and animals.

If butyl is so dangerous, then why do so many pros insist on using it?  The answer is simple:  Butyl-based presprays work great.  But is that a good enough reason to use them despite the dangers?

If You Wouldn’t Use Dangerous Chemicals In Your Home, Why Should Your Carpet Cleaner Get A Free Pass?

You'd be horrified if someone sprayed oven cleaner, ammonia or some other harsh chemical all over your carpet.  But butyl-based presprays are just as dangerous.  So why is it acceptable for professional carpet cleaners to spray such a harmful chemical inside your home? 

The truth is, you should decide what chemicals are used in your home.  And fortunately, we have another choice for you.  There’s a way to clean carpet that’s just as effective, but completely safe. 

Introducing Indy’s Only Orange-Based Carpet Cleaning Service

CitruScrub uses a harmless carpet cleaning prespray that’s made from just six naturally-derived ingredients.  In fact, with the right mixtures, you could make this prespray in your own kitchen. 

It contains two harmless detergents, washing soda (the stuff your grandma would have used to wash clothes back in the day), baking soda, food-grade enzymes and, most importantly, orange oil. 

While the food-grade enzymes literally digest organic stains like food and drink spills, the miraculous, grease-cutting power of orange oil dissolves even the most stubborn soil.  Then, the detergents and sodas suspend stains and soil so they can be whisked away by our filtered, double-softened water. 

Until now, nothing could match the performance of butyl-based presprays.  But those days are over.  Our carefully balanced, naturally-derived formulation easily outperforms everything else on the market.  

The result is soft, fluffy, toe-wrigglingly clean carpet that looks amazing, stays clean and smells like fresh citrus. 

If You Could Choose, Isn’t This The Type Of Cleaning You’d Prefer?

Orange-based cleaning isn’t all that makes CitruScrub unique.  While other companies charge extra for things like deep cleaning, deodorizing and pet treatment, we include them for free.  We’ll also give you free shoe covers, free stain removal and a six-month warranty. 

If you value the safety of your family, demand impeccable results and love freebies, CitruScrub is the only choice.

But Wait--Nothing Else Matters Without This "Secret" Final Step...

Of course, there is one final step that no cleaning is finished without.  This last step is so vital, your carpet is only "half cleaned" without it.  It's the finishing touch that makes your carpet pop and adds that "wow" factor it had when it was new.

Sadly, this crucial step is skipped by most pros, even though it guarantees a longer-lasting clean, extends the life of your carpet and solves these three major problems most people have with their carpet...

  1. Flat, worn-out traffic lanes.
  2. Dingy "not new anymore" appearance.
  3. Rapid resoiling after cleaning.

Without this last step, you won't be able to fix these problems.  To find out what this "neglected" secret is, and to discover how it can rejuvenate flat, worn-out traffic lanes, restore luster and sheen and stop rapid resoiling, click the pink button below.

icon carpet cleaning

Orange-based, non-toxic  carpet cleaning with tons of freebies and a six-month warranty.

icon upholstery cleaning

Harmless orange-based cleaning product is just as easy on your furniture as it is on your skin.

icon tile cleaning

Even the dirtiest, grimiest floors are no match for the incredible cleaning power of oranges!

icon rug cleaning

Full service shop with pickup and delivery, old-fashioned hand-cleaning and no third parties.

icon carpet repair

We fix rips, tears, holes, wrinkles and any other carpet-related problem you can imagine.

icon pet odor and stain

Pet stains and odors beware!  Our “seek-and-destroy” process locates and removes smelly urine.

icon carpet protector

Fast and easy protector application helps your carpet resist stains and wear.

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What If You're Not Happy?

CitruScrub has the most unbelievable guarantee in the Indy area.  We don’t want “satisfied” customers–we want our customers to be blown away!

If you aren’t absolutely thrilled with our service, we will PAY you until you’re happy.  No other carpet cleaning company has a guarantee this bold…

Free Six-Month Warranty!

Our free comprehensive warranty covers everything we clean for an unbelievable six months.  Nobody offers ongoing support like CitruScrub.

If spots or stains come back, we come back.  If you drop a plate of food, spill coffee or track in mud, we’ll clean it up for free, no questions asked…

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Ross Shoulders Black and White

Who Is Ross Trittipo?

CitruScrub is a family owned company that’s been in business since 2004.  In fact, our owner Ross is on every job site to make sure you get the best cleaning possible.

If you like to know who’s coming to your home to perform work, look no further.  Get all the dirt on Ross and find out what makes him tick…