If Your Carpet Needs To Be Cleaned But You're Worried About Toxic Chemicals And Lousy Results...

And You'd Prefer Natural, Plant-Based Cleaning With Perfect Results That Last And Last...

Then I Have An Amazing Solution For You!

Hi, my name is Ross Trittipo and I’m excited to tell you about a new type of plant-based carpet cleaning that actually OUTPERFORMS traditional methods. 

You see, “normal” carpet cleaning products are made from dozens of toxic chemicals.  But my amazing new formula contains just six natural ingredients, half of which might already be in your kitchen pantry.

The key ingredient is orange oil, which is powerful enough to degrease engines, yet completely safe for people and pets.  Combined with food-grade enzymes that literally digest dirt and stains, my formula delivers a devastating dual-action blow that traditional products can only dream about… even though they have the unfair advantage of using harsh, aggressive, toxic chemicals.

In contrast, my formula is made from simple plant-based ingredients which are quite “wimpy” on their own.  But when mixed together in my carefully balanced formulation, they easily outmuscle traditional products.

And you won’t believe the delightful citrus fragrance.  It kills unwanted odors on contact… naturally!

With my amazing orange-based formula, a six-month warranty, my ridiculous guarantee and the many freebies I give to each customer, who WOULDN’T call CitruScrub?

Just look at all you get: 

🍊 100% nontoxic formula made from oranges so your kids and pets are completely safe.

🍊 Delightful citrus fragrance destroys odors without obnoxious synthetic perfumes…  Works on cooking odors, pet odors, sweaty teenager odors and just about anything else you can imagine.

🍊 Food-grade enzymes literally digest stains and the unique oily soil found in carpet…  Removes dirt, pet dander and accidents, food and drink spills, dead skin cells, dust mite poop and all the other disgusting things your vacuum cleaner can’t pick up.

🍊 Gentle pH leaves carpet soft and fluffy, just like it’s supposed to be…  No harsh, aggressive chemicals that leave carpet crunchy, stiff and chemically burned. 

🍊 Nerdy owner/operator on every job site so you know exactly who’s coming to your home…  You don’t have to worry about gruff technicians who scare your kids and flip cigarette butts in the mulch.

🍊 Tons of freebies too numerous to list…  Deep cleaning,  deodorizer,  stain removal, pet treatment, shoe covers for your entire family, speed drying, a six-month warranty and more.

If you could choose, isn’t this the type of cleaning you’d prefer?  And I'm going to sweeten the deal.  Fill out the form below and I'll send you my most popular coupon!

icon carpet cleaning

Orange-based, non-toxic  carpet cleaning with tons of freebies and a six-month warranty.

icon upholstery cleaning

Harmless orange-based cleaning process is just as easy on your furniture as it is on your skin.

icon tile cleaning

Even the dirtiest, grimiest floors are no match for the incredible cleaning power of oranges.

icon rug cleaning

Full service shop with pickup and delivery, old-fashioned hand-cleaning and no third parties.

icon carpet repair

We fix rips, tears, holes, wrinkles and any other carpet-related problem you can imagine.

icon pet odor and stain

Pet stains and odors beware!  Our “seek-and-destroy” process locates and removes smelly urine.

icon carpet protector

Fast and easy protector application helps your carpet resist stains and wear.

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Meet The Owner

Hello, I’m Ross Trittipo, owner of CitruScrub Carpet Cleaning.  I’m personally on every job site to make sure you get the best cleaning possible.

If you like to know who’s coming to your home to perform work, look no further.  Get all the dirt on me here…

Free Six-Month Warranty!

My free comprehensive warranty covers everything you have cleaned for an unbelievable six months.  Nobody offers ongoing support like CitruScrub.

If spots or stains come back, I come back.  If you drop a plate of food, spill coffee or track in mud, I’ll clean it up for free, no questions asked…

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What If You're Not Happy?

CitruScrub has the most unbelievable guarantee in the Indy area.  I don’t want “satisfied” customers–I want my customers to be blown away!

If you aren’t absolutely thrilled with our service, I will pay YOU until you’re happy.  No other carpet cleaning company has a guarantee this bold…

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