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Before carpet can be cleaned, it must be pretreated.  When you hear people talk about “carpet cleaning chemicals”, what they’re referring to is the pretreatment.

Typical pretreatments are made from butyl, a toxic chemical that’s bad for people, animals and the environment.  That’s why I refuse to use it, unlike my competitors. They won’t stop using butyl-based pretreatments because they are cheap and effective.

CitruScrub Carpet Cleaning is different.  I use a gentle, citrus-based pretreatment on every job.  It’s made from just six natural ingredients:  Two harmless detergents, washing soda (the stuff our grandparents washed clothes with before modern laundry detergent), baking soda, food-grade enzymes and, of course, d-limonene, an essential oil extracted from citrus fruits.  You can read more about it here.

Before cleaning your carpet, I apply this pretreatment using a special sprayer.  Right away, the powerful enzymes start to digest organic stains like food and drink spills, pet urine and other biological contaminants.

Meanwhile, the d-limonene dissolves tough, oily soil your vacuum can’t remove.  Finally, the detergents and sodas suspend stains and soil so they can be whisked away by soft, filtered water.

Although my pretreatment is powerful, it’s gentle.  It won’t damage your carpet and it’s completely harmless to people, pets and the environment.

For you, the result is remarkably clean, residue free carpet without the use of harsh chemicals.  It even smells great thanks to the pleasing, natural citrus fragrance.

Of course, my citrus-based pretreatment only does part of the job.  An actual human must do the rest.

No Pretreatment Can Overcome Lousy Cleaning Technicians

Did you know the average carpet cleaning technician has about six months of experience?  If you’re wondering, that’s not very good.

There’s heavy turnover in this industry and, in Indiana, no license or training is required to be a carpet cleaner.

Unfortunately, you pay the price because many—maybe even most—technicians are either poorly trained, undertrained or they simply don’t have enough experience.

In contrast, I have over 20 years of experience and perform all work myself.  That means you never have to worry about clueless technicians who haven’t progressed beyond basic skills.

Ross Trittipo, Owner-operator of CitruScrub

The truth is, anybody can learn to clean carpet.  But there’s a lot more involved than simply cleaning.  For example, carpet must also be detailed.  Detailing is a difficult and time-consuming process inexperienced technicians don’t even know they’re supposed to do.

When detailing, I remove dust, pet hair and other debris from along baseboards, around furniture legs, behind beds, under dressers and in every nook and cranny you can imagine.  The result is carpet that looks just as gorgeous up close as it does from far away.

Additionally, I’m proficient at stain removal, which is a completely different skill from cleaning.  Again, anybody can clean carpet—all you have to do is stand behind the machine and let it do the work.  But a thinking, problem-solving human needs to determine how to remove stubborn stains that don’t respond to cleaning.  And no, I don’t charge extra for stain removal. I believe it should be included for free, so that’s what I do.

Detailing and stain removal take time, but the payoff is phenomenal.  When I’m done, your carpet will look stunning and beautiful.  If it doesn’t, I don’t want you to pay me.

Inexperienced technicians barely know how to clean, let alone how to do fine detail work or stain removal.  It takes years of experience to learn these special skills.  Sadly, most technicians never make it past six months until they move on to some other career.

But even after all this, my job is still just getting started.

Drying Is Just As Important As Cleaning

After cleaning, it’s important to dry the carpet as fast as possible.  Fast drying prevents stains and odors from reappearing and it eliminates any chance for mildew or mold growth.

Most technicians view cleaning as their only obligation.  However, I view both cleaning and drying as my duty to you.  I owe you clean, dry carpet.

Therefore, after cleaning each room, I go back over the carpet with vacuum-only strokes.  It’s literally like doing every job twice.  But it’s worth the extra effort because this simple action drastically reduces dry times.

I also use industrial-strength fans specifically designed for use on carpet.  They move air downward and across the floor at over 40 MPH.  The steady, directed flow of fast-moving air greatly speeds the drying process.

40 MPH!

The quicker your carpet dries, the sooner you can get back to normal and there’s less chance for problems.  No other company in the Indianapolis area places as much importance on drying.  This is a specialty service you won’t find anywhere else.

What Can You Expect?

With my citrus-based pretreatment, rich experience, obsession for details and insistence on fast dry times, you can expect the best possible result.

When I’m done, it will literally be impossible for your carpet to be any cleaner or look any better.   And remember, this is all done safely and responsibly.  My citrus-based pretreatment is absolutely harmless to you, your family, your pets and the environment.

You’ll also get a six-month written warranty, my outrageous Satisfaction Stinks Guarantee and 24-hour access to me, the owner, via phone, text and email.  If you need me, I’m only a phone call away.

I answer the phone seven days a week and practically 24 hours a day, so call or text anytime at 317-370-9075 to schedule an appointment.  Or you can email me here.

Whether you live in Carmel, Fishers, Greenwood, Indianapolis, McCordsville, Noblesville, Westfield, Zionsville or anywhere else in Indy’s metro area, I’m here to make sure you get the best carpet cleaning possible.


How much do you charge for carpet cleaning?

Carpet cleaning is $.45 per sqft, and I measure rooms wall-to-wall.  Yes, I realize your rooms may be full of stationary furniture and I’m not cleaning the carpet underneath.  It takes an incredible amount of time to detail around the legs and bases of all that furniture, and I must work slower to make sure I don’t get your furniture wet.  So $.45 per sqft is my predetermined rate and it already accounts for the fact your rooms are likely furnished. If your rooms are empty, I have to use more pretreatment, clean more carpet and get more carpet dry, so empty rooms are also $.45 per sqft.  Stairways are $100. And I highly recommend Stain Guardian Ultra, which you can read more about here.

What must I do before you arrive to clean my carpet?

It’s helpful if you move small items out of the way like dining room chairs, floor lamps, potted plants and wastebaskets, etc.  Upon request, I’m happy to move medium sized furniture like coffee tables and recliners.  I do not move large pieces like beds and dressers.  You can move them if you want, but it must be done before I arrive.  I can give you some helpful advice, though, so feel free to contact me if you need help moving large pieces of furniture. You can call or text any time at 317-370-9075.

If there is visible pet hair or other debris on your carpet, it’s helpful if you vacuum first.

It’s also a good idea to secure pets.  I’ll need a door cracked open so I can run hoses inside.  I don’t want a cherished family pet escaping.

Additionally, my equipment makes noise many pets seem to hate.  Even sweet, friendly dogs may turn into vicious killers when I fire up my equipment.  For their protection and mine, please make sure pets are in a safe area away from where I’m working.

Do you move furniture while cleaning carpet?

Yes.  See the question above.

How long is the carpet wet after cleaning and when can we walk on it?

After cleaning, it usually takes around eight hours for most carpets to dry.  Some areas may take overnight depending on how soiled the carpet was (more soil means more cleaning passes, which means more water, which means more dry time).  I’ll give you waterproof shoe covers so you can walk on it immediately.  It won’t hurt a thing.

But don’t replace furniture until you’re positive the carpet is bone dry.  I recommend waiting overnight if possible.  If you place furniture on carpet that’s even slightly damp, the legs and bases can leave permanent stains.

Can you remove stains from carpet?

HA!  Don’t make me laugh.  Of course I remove stains.  I pretreat everything I clean, which easily takes care of most spots.

If I encounter stains that don’t respond to cleaning, then I treat them with various spotting agents and stain removers.  And no, I don’t charge extra.

Between my pretreatment and stain removal techniques, there are very few stains I can’t remove.

Can you fix carpet that’s been damaged by pet urine?

Yes, many times I can.  And no, I don’t charge extra unless you have a severe problem, which is rare.  There are occasional problems I can’t fix, but I try my best. Some things are simply out of my control.  To learn more about pet urine damage, click here.

Can my pets walk on the carpet immediately after cleaning?

It’s usually not a problem because I don’t leave chemicals in your carpet.  However, if your carpet has a severe urine problem, I will have treated areas with strong peroxide, which can cause minor, temporary skin irritation.  In that case, I’ll warn you so you can keep your pets away from those areas. As peroxide naturally degrades, it turns into water vapor and evaporates over the course of a few hours.  So not long after I leave, the peroxide is completely harmless. If it makes you feel better, I get peroxide all over my hands every day. Although it’s not necessarily comfortable, it’s not a big deal.  It causes a burning sensation that disappears after a few minutes.

The other thing to consider is whether or not you purchase Stain Guardian Ultra, an invisible coating that protects carpet and upholstery.  I would not let pets on the carpet until this product dries. It’s not dangerous, but that doesn’t mean we want pets licking their paws and ingesting it.

How long does it take to clean carpet?

As a rule of thumb, every $100 you spend equates to about 45 minutes of work.  So, for instance, a $300 job will take about 2.5 hours. I take my time to make sure the job gets done right, but I’m not slow.  I put my nose to the grindstone and take care of business. You’ll never see me texting, talking on the phone or taking breaks.

Do I have to be present while you work?

No, you don’t necessarily need to be present while I’m working.  I just need four things…

First, I need a way to enter your home or business. 

Second, I need to know exactly what you want cleaned.  You can tell me beforehand or leave a detailed note where I can find it.

Third, I need you to approve the price before I start working.  If you’re not home and we haven’t already agreed on a price, I’ll need to be able to reach you via phone, text or email once I measure your job and determine the price.

Fourth, I need to be payed because I don’t invoice.  I collect as soon as the work is done.  If you can’t be there, we’ll figure something out.

As long as those needs are met, we’re good to go.

Are you an addict, thief, criminal, socially awkward or a general weirdo?

Actually, I’m just a nerdy family man who likes my own privacy, so I’ll always respect yours.  I know the line between friendly and too friendly and never cross it. My lips have never touched a cigarette and I’ve never even been tempted to try illicit drugs.  Spy on my personal Facebook page and you can see pics of me and my family. We’re normal, boring people. I did once keep a $20 bill I found in the Walmart parking lot, but only because the customer service clerks probably would have kept it had I turned it in.  Oh, and once I tore off one of those tags on a mattress that says “Do not remove under penalty of law”. Other than that, I’m a law abiding citizen.

Do you need to use my water?

I almost always have my own water.  My van has a 110-gallon fresh water tank which I try to fill in the morning.  If it happens to start running out or I forget to fill it, I might ask permission to use an outside spigot (for your peace of mind and mine, I don’t use interior faucets).  Don’t worry, I have my own hose, so I don’t need to use yours. I also have a full-blown water softening system permanently mounted in my van, which makes soft, filtered water on-the-fly, even if you’re on a well.  You’re welcome to come out and see it if you want; I love showing off my equipment.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Credit and debit cards, personal checks and cash are all welcomed.  Unlike many of my competitors, I don’t charge a fee if you want to pay with a card.  If you pay with cash, I probably won’t have change.

What Thrilled Customers Say

Great communication from calling to schedule through follow-up after the service. Conscientious about being careful around furniture and woodwork. Carpets look amazing! No sticky residue left behind – just a clean fresh scent. Will definitely use Ross and CitruScrub again!

-Michele D.

We have had CitruScrub keep our carpets clean for years and they never disappoint! A pleasure to work with, professional, courteous and they do a fantastic job!!

-Amanda Cada

I have used Ross with CitruScrub for 18 years! He is friendly, reliable, efficient, and his prices are lower than the “other” carpet cleaners out there. He stands by his work, and always comes back out to work on a stubborn stain!

-Diane Holmes

Ross did a fantastic job cleaning the carpets in our “for sale” property after a water leak. He came back until I was 100% satisfied like promised and the carpets looked and smelled incredible! We are already planning on having him out again to our new home!

-Megan Priest

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