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Dirty grout lines? Dull, dirty tiles? If you live in or around Indianapolis, I can help. Call or text me, Ross, at 317-370-9075 or email and I’ll get right back with you.

Most professional tile and grout cleaning products contain hydrochloric acid.  The problem is, hydrochloric acid is extremely dangerous.  Even the fumes can etch stainless steel appliances and chemically burn skin.

As you know, CitruScrub rejects dangerous chemicals.  That’s why I use a simple, citrus-based product to pretreat tile and grout floors.  Not only is it completely harmless, it’s actually more effective than competing products that contain hydrochloric acid.

Within minutes of applying this “miracle” cleaner to your tiled floors, you won’t believe your eyes as deeply embedded soil rises from the grout lines like magic.  Then, I simply extract the dirt and grime with a special hard surface cleaning tool. It’s truly remarkable, and it leaves your tile and grout looking brand new.

You Can’t Get This Cleaning Anywhere Else

This harmless, citrus-based pretreatment is nearly impossible to find.  In fact, most professional cleaners have no clue it exists.

It’s a true “boutique” product originally developed in Virginia Beach, Virginia and sold by a small distributor in Tennessee.  CitruScrub is the only company in the Indianapolis area using this pretreatment, so if you want to see what it can do, you need to call me.

Even if you don’t hire me, please do not let anyone use products in your home that contain hydrochloric acid.   Accidental overspray can severely damage metal surfaces like stainless steel appliances, door hinges, cabinet hardware and chair legs.  Even the fumes from hydrochloric acid can etch metal, burn skin and damage the lungs and sinuses.

Fast-Acting Formula, Eye-Popping Results

The best part about my amazing citrus-based tile cleaning is how fast it works.

You might spend an entire weekend cleaning grout lines in your kitchen only to achieve lackluster results.  In a matter of minutes, I can clean the same area and make your floor look brand new.

The key is my amazing “magic” pretreatment.  You won’t believe how quickly and easily it lifts dirt, grime and stains from tile and grout.  It is truly astonishing!

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If you want sparkling, clean tile and grout that looks brand new, contact me today to schedule an appointment.

Call or text me, Ross, at 317-370-9075 or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Remember, my gentle, citrus-based pretreatment won’t etch your stainless steel appliances or pose any health dangers.

CitruScrub is the only company to use this pretreatment in Indianapolis, Carmel, Noblesville, Westfield, Zionsville, Greenwood and the rest of the greater metro area.


Do you clean tiled shower stalls, or just floors?

Yes, I can clean tiled shower stalls, but I call in a specialist.  Why? Because many times, the caulking in and around the shower stall needs to be cut out and replaced in order for the job to look good, and I’m horrible at caulking.  It’s best for both of us if I don’t get anywhere near a caulk gun inside your home.

Do you seal the tile and grout?

Yes, as an optional service that comes with additional fees.  Depending on your floor, I may seal the tile and the grout, or just the grout.  For example, smooth porcelain tile doesn’t accept sealer. In that event, I’d only seal the grout.   If you want to save a few bucks, I can tell you what to buy and how to do it, but it’s backbreaking work.

How much do you charge?

Tile and grout cleaning is $1.00 per sqft.  Sealing is $.50 per sqft.

Does it really make a difference?  Can you really fix extremely dirty grout lines?

Yes and yes.

Do we have to stay off the floors?

It’s best if you stay off the floor while I’m pretreating and scrubbing because it’s slippery.  But you can walk on the floor immediately after cleaning. After sealing, it’s best to stay off for 30-60 minutes to let the sealant dry.  After that, you can tiptoe across the tiles but I recommend avoiding the grout lines, because you don’t want to soak sealant into your socks.  It won’t necessarily hurt anything, but you want the sealant to stay in the grout where it belongs. The sealant will completely set overnight so you can go back to normal the next day.

What Thrilled Customers Say

CitruScrub always cleans our carpets and does a great job. This time we hired him to clean our ceramic tile. The tile looked great.

–Jose Gomez

Ross has been cleaning our carpets, upholstery and tile floors for several years now.  When he leaves our carpets are damp but not wet and the orange smell is wonderful. He works efficiently and is so kind.  I recommend him and his company without hesitation.

–Jennifer B

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Happily serving Indianapolis, Carmel, Noblesville, Westfield, Zionsville, Greenwood and the rest of the greater metro area.

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