Satisfaction Stinks. How About A Real Guarantee?

Ross Shoulders Color

Hey, Ross the owner here.  I've never understood "satisfaction" guarantees.  If something is satisfactory, that means it's "good enough".  Since when is that a good thing?  Imagine dining at an expensive gourmet restaurant.  Would you be happy if your meal was merely "satisfactory"?  I have a feeling you'd be terribly disappointed. 

That's why I'm confused by all these companies that guarantee your satisfaction.  As far as I'm concerned, satisfaction isn't nearly good enough.  I want my customers to be awestruck by my service.  So I don't guarantee your satisfaction--I guarantee your elation.  And if you aren't absolutely thrilled with my service, I'm prepared to start giving you money until you are thrilled. 

If it comes to that, here's my personal guarantee to you:

"If You Are Not Absolutely Thrilled with My Service, I’ll Refund Your Money, Pay for Any Other Cleaner of Your Choice to Redo the Work, AND Give You a $50 VISA Gift Card."

That's not just a bunch of flimflam.  I intend to stand by this guarantee if the time ever comes.  But I should warn you...  I've been in business since 2004, and I've never had anyone need to use it or even ask about it.  Why?  Because I know what I'm doing and I treat people the way I'd want to be treated.

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