Upholstery Cleaning: Why Sit In Dangerous Chemicals If You Don't Have To?

  • My harmless orange-based cleaning agent won't irritate skin, eyes or lungs.  Safe for people and pets.
  • Food-grade enzymes literally digest the greasy soils found on furniture without harming the fabric.
  • Pleasing, natural orange fragrance destroys odors on contact.
  • Rich experience and incredible attention to detail.


You Belong On Your Furniture - Dangerous Chemicals Don't

Ross Trittipo, Owner

Cleaning upholstery is a lot like laundering clothes.  It's pretreated, and then it's rinsed with clean water.

The problem is, most upholstery pretreatments contain harsh, toxic chemicals that cause skin, eye and respiratory irritation.  When you hire a professional cleaning service, the technicians spray these chemicals all over your furniture and then expect you to sit on it.  Why accept that when there's another choice?

I think it's wrong to use dangerous chemicals on furniture that my customers sit and relax on.  That's why I use a completely harmless cleaning agent that's made from oranges and food-grade enzymes.

It's tough on dirt and grime but gentle on skin, eyes and lungs.  In fact, it contains only six ingredients that are all naturally-derived.

When I'm done cleaning your furniture, you never have to worry about what chemicals might still be lurking in the upholstery.  It will be clean, safe and ready for you to enjoy.

And don't forget, orange oil is a fantastic natural deodorizer.  That means your furniture will smell just as good as it looks... all without the use of obnoxious perfumes or fragrances.

The Vital And Irreplaceable Importance Of Experience

The average professional cleaning technician has less than one year of experience, which can lead to a host of problems.

In contrast, I have 20 years of experience and am on every job site to ensure the best possible cleaning.

You can expect incredible attention to detail and impeccable results.

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Remember, I will not leave dangerous chemicals in your furniture for you to sit in later.  My pretreatment is made from oranges and is completely harmless. 

No one else in or around Indy offers this kind of cleaning, so call today!

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