Harsh Acids That Melt Skin And Etch Metal Do NOT Belong In Your Kitchen, Bathrooms Or Other Tiled Areas

  • My mild, citrus-based cleaner doesn’t harm floors, appliances, people or pets.
  • Non-acidic - Won’t etch stainless steel appliances.
  • Deep, penetrating action that lifts dirt and grime like magic.
  • Absolutely jaw-dropping results in very little time.


Warning:  The Major Problem You Deserve To Know About

Ross Trittipo, Owner

Most professional tile and grout cleaning products contain hydrochloric acid.  The problem is, hydrochloric acid is extremely dangerous.  Even the fumes can etch stainless steel appliances and chemically burn skin.

As you know, CitruScrub rejects dangerous chemicals.  That's why I use a simple, citrus-based product to clean tile and grout floors.  Not only is it completely harmless, it's actually MORE effective than competing products that contain hydrochloric acid. 

Within minutes of applying this "miracle" cleaner, deeply embedded soil dissolves and rises like magic out of the tiles and grout lines.  The powerful formula is fast-acting and guarantees unbelievable results.  You will not believe your eyes!

You Can't Get This Cleaning Anywhere Else

This harmless cleaning agent is nearly impossible to find.  In fact, most professional cleaners have no clue it exists. 

It's a true "boutique" product originally developed in Virginia Beach, Virginia and sold by a small distributor in Utah.  CitruScrub is the only company in the Indianapolis area using this product, so if you want to see what it can do, you need to call me.

Even if you don't hire me, please do not let anyone use products in your home that contain hydrochloric acid.   Accidental overspray can severely damage metal surfaces like stainless steel appliances, door hinges, cabinet hardware and chair legs.  Even the fumes from hydrochloric acid  can etch metal, burn skin and damage the lungs and sinuses.

Fast-Acting Formula, Eye-Popping Results

The best part about my amazing citrus-based tile cleaning is how fast it works. 

You might spend an entire weekend cleaning grout lines in your kitchen only to achieve lackluster results.  In a matter of minutes, I can clean the same area and make your floor look brand new.

The key is my amazing "magic" cleaning agent.  You won't believe how quickly and easily it lifts dirt, grime and stains.  It is truly astonishing!

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Remember, my gentle cleaning agent won't etch your stainless steel appliances or pose any health dangers.  

No one else in or around Indy offers this kind of cleaning, so call today!

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