Authentic Old World Rug Cleaning Now Available In The Greater Indy Area

  • Authentic old world cleaning methods...the way rugs are supposed to be cleaned.
  • Climate and humidity controlled drying racks.
  • Fringe cleaning expert.
  • No 3rd parties... I don't send your rugs to offsite mass cleaning plants without telling you. 
  • All rugs are cleaned by hand in my Beech Grove shop.
  • Full insurance on every individual rug I clean.
  • Free professional wrapping.


Local Rug Cleaning:  Two Very Dirty Secrets

Plenty of carpet cleaners in the Indianapolis area claim to clean rugs, but there are two big secrets they don't tell you about:

Secret One:  They might pick up your rug and send it to a mass cleaning plant without telling you.  You are led to believe your rug is in their care when it could actually be in another state.  Your carpet cleaner has no idea where your rug is or what's happening to it.  Meanwhile, you get double-charged because your carpet cleaner is essentially just a middle man.  Both he and the rug cleaning plant charge their own fees.


Secret Two:  They clean your rug the same way they clean carpet.  They don't do anything to compensate for the dense thickness of wool rugs, nor do they address the excess dry soil that gets trapped in thick wool rugs.

But don't worry, I have a solution for you...

How Rugs Are Supposed To Be Cleaned

Check out the image below.  Those are Romanian villagers cleaning wool rugs in a local stream. 

The villagers place rugs in a giant wicker basket and then lower it into the stream for 10 minutes or so.

The clear, swift-moving water flushes the rugs until they are absolutely clean.  Then, the rugs are placed under the sun to dry.

That's how rugs are supposed to be cleaned.  Not necessarily in a stream, but with lots and lots of water.

I re-create this method in my Beech Grove shop using my "artificial river".  Here's how it works...

First, rugs are placed face-down on a special grid floor.  Then, I run a vibrating machine over the back, which shakes deeply embedded dry soil out of the rug and through the grid.  This would not work on a normal flat floor.  The soil would simply stay in the rug.  But with a grid floor, soil freely exits the rug and falls through the grid. 

Dry soil removal is the most important step in proper rug cleaning.  An 8 x 10 wool rug can conceal pounds and pounds of loose dry soil.  All that soil must first be removed.  Otherwise, it turns into mud during the cleaning process.  This is why it's so important to make sure thick wool rugs aren't cleaned like regular carpet.  When rugs are treated like carpet, the important step of dry soil removal is completely skipped.

Next, I move the rugs to a specially designed raised platform where they are flushed in my artificial river.  Depending on how dirty a rug is, it could be flushed with 1,000 gallons of water or more! 

After that, excess water is extracted, leaving each rug absolutely clean.  Rugs are then placed on drying racks in my climate and humidity controlled facility where they dry in just a few hours.

Finally, I finish them by hand-detailing fringes and completing small repairs.

Your Rugs Never Leave My Sight!

Unlike many of my competitors who ship rugs to a third party without your knowledge or consent, I personally care for each and every rug in my Beech Grove shop.  You are welcome to come by and visit, and I can even text or email photos during the cleaning process.

In addition, I carry a special insurance rider that covers rugs while in my possession. 

World Class Service

In all honesty, rug cleaning is a bit primitive.  But the modern conveniences in my shop make the experience safe, effective and enjoyable. 

I will pick up your rugs, clean them in my shop and return them when I'm done.  Upon return, they will be professionally wrapped in plastic.  I leave the ends open so your rugs can breath.  If you need to store them, simply toss in a few moth balls and close the ends.

Usually, I have your rugs for 7-10 days.  Don't forget, quality takes time!

Schedule Your Rug Cleaning Today

Whether you have inexpensive wool rugs from a department store or priceless family heirlooms, contact me today to schedule your cleaning.

Call or text me, Ross (I'm the owner), at 317-370-9075 or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

My unique combination of old world techniques and modern technology guarantees the best cleaning for your rugs.

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