I Fix Rips, Tears, Holes, Wrinkles, Broken Seams, Stains And More!

Don't Replace Carpet That Can Be Fixed

Ross Trittipo, Owner

If your carpet is torn, ripped, has holes or wrinkles, I can fix it.  I have 20 years of experience repairing carpet, so you might be surprised by what I can do.

Discarded carpet makes up four percent of all the material in American landfills.  Two million tons of carpet are thrown away every year, which accounts for a staggering nine million barrels of oil. 

That's right, carpet is a petroleum product!  When you throw it away, it's like you're throwing away barrels of crude oil.

Please consider having your carpet repaired rather than needlessly adding more waste to our environment.  Remember, it takes at least 50 years before carpet even begins to biodegrade in landfills.

Professional repairs look good and are much more affordable than replacement.

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