Without Protector, Your Carpet Is Only "Half Cleaned"

Here’s the problem with carpet…  As you walk around on it, you’re grinding tiny little bits of soil into the fibers, wearing them away to nubs.  Basically, it’s like taking sandpaper to your carpet.

That’s why you end up with worn-out traffic lanes.  This is an unavoidable problem.  You’re not doing anything wrong; it’s just the way things are.

Fortunately, there are ways to mitigate some of the damage.

I want you to image a single carpet fiber.  Up close, it looks like a strand of twisted yarn.  When it’s new, that fiber stands up straight and it’s full and fluffy.  But over time, it gets limp and falls over because you’re constantly crushing it when you walk around.

It also gets scratched by tiny bits of soil.  Eventually, those scratches add up and the fiber loses its sheen.  You end up with a crushed, dull fiber.

Now multiply that concept to an entire room of carpet—especially the heavy traffic lanes.  Those traffic lanes take an absolute beating.  Due to age and wear, each individual fiber becomes limp, deflated and scratched.  As a result, the entire carpet looks worn-out and dull.

But what if there was some way to fluff those fibers back up and make them stand tall again?  What if there was some way to fill those scratches and restore some of the original sheen?

Actually, there is a way to rejuvenate each individual fiber, plumping them back up and smoothing over those scratches.  It’s called carpet protector.

You’ve probably heard of Scotchgard, right?  Scotchgard is an example of a well-known carpet protector.  But just because it’s well-known doesn’t mean it’s the best.  Here’s why…

I’ve been in this game for nearly 20 years.  I know a thing or two about carpet AND carpet protector.  Thanks to my seasoned and illustrious career, I’ve been able to test dozens of different products.  Based on my experience, I know for a fact the best carpet protector is actually made by a little-known “boutique” chemistry shop in California. 

They make a product called Stain Guardian Ultra that is, by far, the best carpet protector ever conceived in the multiverse.  And believe me, I’ve tested them all.

Think of Scotchgard as Chevy; it’s the brand everybody knows.  It has an “okay” reputation.

But Stain Guardian Ultra is the Ferrari, Rolls Royce and Peterbilt all rolled into one.

It’s the highest performing, most luxurious and hardest-working protector money can buy.  Simply put, there are no other products that can compete with Stain Guardian Ultra. 

But that’s just boring shop talk.  Let’s talk about what Stain Guardian Ultra can actually do for your carpet…

Restores Sheen And Luster

Stain Guardian Ultra is a liquid.  It soaks into each individual carpet fiber, filling the tiny scratches that make carpet look dull and dingy, and then it dries.  Once dry, the scratches are smoothed and the fibers look like they did when they were new.  As a result, the carpet looks bright and vibrant again.

Restores Volume

Again, Stain Guardian Ultra soaks into each carpet fiber, causing them to swell with volume.  As the protector dries, it locks the fibers into this position.  The carpet is then full and fluffy, just like when it was new.

Repels Dirt

The unique formula of Stain Guardian Ultra coats each carpet fiber with a smooth, slick surface that dirt can’t stick to.  Your vacuum will recover far more dirt than ever before, including sticky biological contaminants that vacuums normally can’t remove. 

Extends Carpet Life

The drastic reduction of dirt particles means less wear.  Without sand-like dirt, there’s nothing to grind your carpet to a nub.  As a result, your carpet will last much longer.

Provides Incredible Stain Resilience

Protector acts like Teflon coating on a pan.  Spots and stains can’t stick to your carpet, so you’ll be able to clean them with ease.  Liquids will literally bead-up on the surface instead of penetrating and staining the fibers.

Preserves Cleaning Results

Since protected carpet releases dirt, repels stains and resists wear, your carpet will stay clean much, much longer than unprotected carpet. 

So here’s how this all works…  I come in and clean your carpet with my orange-based process.  It looks great, it smells great, and everybody’s happy.  But I want you to stay happy.  So before I go, I use a special sprayer to apply a generous coat of Stain Guardian Ultra to all the areas I cleaned.  Then I groom the carpet with a special tool to ensure an even spread.

I often say if you don’t use protector on your carpet, it’s only half-cleaned.  And that’s really no exaggeration.

Unprotected carpet wears-out faster, resoils quicker and looks matted and dingy.  In contrast, protected carpet lasts longer, stays cleaner and looks newer.  It simply doesn’t make sense to spend money on carpet cleaning without taking steps to keep it clean.  

Without protector, your money is basically wasted because the carpet will just get dirty again.  It wears-out quicker, stains are harder to remove and your vacuum can’t recover as much dirt.

A generous, healthy coating of protector rejuvenates limp, worn-out fibers, fills scratches and preserves the cleaning for as long as possible.

The result is fresh carpet with volume and luster that stays clean for a long time.  And if someone spills coffee or a pet has an accident, you can clean it up with ease.

However, there are three things to look out for…

First, carpet protector is sold in highly concentrated form.  It must be properly diluted before use.  How can you be sure your cleaning guy gets the dilution right?  What if he rips you off by over-diluting it?  How would you ever know?

Something to think about, isn’t it?

Second, the protector has to be applied just right—not too much, not too little.  If too much is applied, your carpet will feel sticky and crunchy.  If too little is applied, the protector won’t do its job.  To work properly, it must be precisely applied, which can’t be learned overnight.  It takes years of experience to master. 

And third, there may not be any way for you to know you’re getting what you paid for.  There are plenty of cheap, generic carpet protectors that simply don’t work.  It would be very easy for some unscrupulous cleaner to pour “Brand X” protector into a Scotchgard container and tell you you’re getting the real thing. 

Again, how would you know the difference?  How can you be sure you’re not getting ripped off?

I’m not telling you this stuff to scare you.  I just think it’s important for you to know the facts.

Of course, if I’m doing the work for you, you don’t need to worry about any of this.  Like I said, I only use Stain Guardian Ultra, I have 20 years of experience and nearly 1,000 local customers who will vouch for me.  I didn’t get perfect five-star ratings on Google, Facebook, Angie’s List and RateLobby by mistreating customers.

So, what’s next?

Your next step should be to contact me and schedule a carpet cleaning.  You’ll get my safe, naturally-derived, orange-based cleaning process.  It comes with tons of freebies like shoe covers, stain removal, deep cleaning, pet treatment, speed drying, a six-month warranty and more.

Since it would be a shame to get all those goodies and then leave your carpet unprotected, you’ll want to ask for Stain Guardian Ultra.  It does cost a little extra, but it will preserve the investment you made to get your carpet cleaned.

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