Don’t Even Think About Hiring A Carpet Cleaner Until You Hear About The Miraculous Power Of Orange Oil

  • Harmless, natural pretreatment made from oranges is potent enough to degrease engines but still safe for kids, pets and your entire family.
  • Even without toxic butyls, harsh solvents or corrosive alkalis, my orange-based cleaning actually outperforms other methods.
  • Delightful citrus fragrance destroys odors without obnoxious synthetic perfumes.
  • Owner is on every job site…  Well-known industry veteran with 20 years of experience.
  • Tons of freebies:  Shoe covers, stain removal, deep cleaning, pet treatment, six-month warranty and more.
  • Free speed drying…  Extra vacuum strokes and 40 MPH industrial fans shave HOURS off the dry time.


What Could Be Safer Than An Orange?

I pretreat every carpet with my orange-based cleaning agent.  It’s made from just six naturally-derived ingredients:  Two harmless detergents, washing soda (the stuff your grandma would have laundered clothes with back in the day), baking soda, food-grade enzymes and, of course, orange oil.

Right away, the powerful enzymes start to digest organic stains like food and drink spills, pet urine and other biological contaminants.

Meanwhile, the orange oil dissolves tough, oily soil your vacuum can’t remove.  Finally, the detergents and sodas suspend stains and soil so they can be whisked away by filtered, double-softened water.

Although the pretreatment is extremely powerful, it’s very gentle.  It won’t damage your carpet and it’s completely harmless to people and pets.

The result is thoroughly cleaned carpet without the use of harsh chemicals.  It even smells great thanks to the pleasing, natural citrus fragrance.

Of course, my amazing pretreatment only does part of the job.  An actual human must do the rest.

No Pretreatment Can Overcome Lousy Cleaning Technicians

Did you know the average carpet cleaning technician has about six months of experience?  If you’re wondering, that’s not very good.

There’s heavy turnover in this industry and, in Indiana, no license or training is required to be a carpet cleaner.

Unfortunately, you pay the price because many—maybe even most—technicians are either poorly trained, undertrained or they simply don’t have enough experience.

In contrast, I have 20 years of experience and I'm on every job site.  That means you never have to worry about clueless technicians who haven’t progressed beyond the basic skills.

Ross Trittipo, Owner

The truth is, anybody can learn to clean carpet.  But there’s a lot more involved than simply cleaning.  For example, carpet must also be detailed.  Detailing is a difficult and time-consuming step inexperienced technicians have never even heard of.

When detailing, I remove dust, pet hair and other debris along baseboards, behind beds, under dressers and in every nook and cranny you can imagine.  I also treat and remove stains at no additional cost.

It takes time, but the payoff is phenomenal.  When I'm done, your carpet will look just as good up close as it does from far away.

Inexperienced technicians barely know how to clean, let alone how to do fine detail work or stain removal.  It takes years of experience to learn these special skills.  Sadly, most technicians never make it past six months.

But even after all this, our job is still just getting started.

Drying Is Just As Important As Cleaning

After cleaning, it’s extremely important to dry the carpet as fast as possible.  It prevents stains and odors from reappearing and it eliminates any chance for mildew or mold growth.

Most technicians view cleaning as their only obligation.  However, I view both cleaning AND drying as my duty to you.  I owe you clean, dry carpet.

Therefore, after cleaning each room, I go back over the carpet with vacuum-only strokes.  It’s literally like doing every job twice.  But it’s worth the extra effort because this simple action drastically reduces dry times.

I also use industrial-strength fans specifically designed for use on carpet.  They move air downward and across the floor at over 40 MPH.  The steady, directed flow of fast-moving air greatly speeds the drying process.

40 MPH!

The quicker your carpet dries, the sooner you can get back to normal and there’s less chance for problems.  No other company in the Indianapolis area places as much importance on drying.  This is a specialty service you won’t find anywhere else.

What Can You Expect?

With my orange-based cleaner, rich experience, obsession for details and insistence on fast dry times, you can expect the best possible result.

When I'm done, it will literally be impossible for your carpet to be any cleaner or look any better.   And remember, this is all done safely and responsibly.  My orange-based cleaner is absolutely harmless to you, your family, your pets and the environment.

You’ll also get a six-month written warranty, my outrageous “Satisfaction Stinks” guarantee and 24-hour access to me, the owner, via phone, text and email.

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